Case Study: Premier Contractors

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written by Christopher Clemmons

Premier Contractors of Michigan, LLC, founded by Cheryl Vincent is committed to making a substantial difference in the city of Detroit by offering its residents quality homes with a healthy and safe environment.

Online Presence

Cheryl has been in business for over 20 years and gained most of her clientele by word of mouth. In order for her to reach her desired revenue target, she needed a place where she can be able to showcase her work to 3rd party agencies and individuals who need renovation and compliance services.

She missed many new potential clients from the lack of a web presence, a portfolio, and a contact form that can collect information from interested prospects when she is away from her phone

Solution: Custom Real Estate Contractor Landing Page

We created a state-of-the-art landing page using React on the Next.js framework for two and 5 main reasons.

  • Scalable
  • Light Weight
  • Modular
  • Low maintenance
  • SEO

React (Next.js) allowed us to easily integrate custom software modules that made development time faster, secure, and fitted right into Cheryl’s business model. It doesn’t come with any bloat that would slow down the website, making it less expensive to maintain and secure.

Lead Acquisition

We built a customized form using the Formik library for React advanced validation integrated with an invisible Google Recaptcha. Spam prevention is key to ensuring that qualified leads are the only thing going into her inbox and the CRM of her choice. We also used Email.js to help us connect the email form from her website directly to her inbox.

First Class Cloud Hosting

As web engineers, we know the secrets and shortcuts to building and deploying highly secure and accessible cloud servers. We used Vercel to deploy her website. Vercel supplies invaluable resources that allowed us to deploy and monitor the web app. It also includes DNS and HTTPS. Hosting is also very affordable compared to other vendors offering the same service since she didn’t expect much traffic. We engineered an enterprise solution for a small-scale business without the enterprise cost.

Build a digital product designed to scale with your audience and your business with low maintaince and overhead

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