Case Study: Pebble Marketplace

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written by Christopher Clemmons

Pebble Marketplace is an eCommerce business founded by Evan Mullins and Ben Fahner that’s dedicated to giving small businesses the leverage they need to be successful in the local markets. Over the last decade, big box brands and global shopping enterprises like Amazon have hurt many small businesses around the United States due to the loss of revenue from competition for low prices, quality
products and swift deliveries

Businesses are given the opportunity to make a profile and will be given the opportunity to connect with people locally who want to put money back into their local economy. Pebble has also expanded to offer local and inexpensive local deliveries for B2B businesses.

Of course, there is no secret that building a successful SaaS product does take skill and a talented team. This is vital due to how
quickly the needs users want and need

Feature: Custom Checkout using React Material UI

Creating the easiest way for users to add their products and save their shopping cart session when leaving a browsing session was critical to the success of this business.

Material UI React comes with many UI components and features that are designed to allow users to seamlessly shop and navigate the user interface while maintaining brand image consistency and usability. We were able to customize a checkout flow that fits right into their current environment.

Feature: Email Migration and Automation Integration

Choosing a vendor that solves provided services that solve the core issue and allowed for easy technical implementation was vital for this project. As this business grew in size, it needed an email marketing solution that will keep up with its growing demands. Klaviyo became the choice due to its digestible documentation, technical resources that fit well into their current environment, and that provides features such as predictive analysis, instant integrations, and multi-channel automation

React allows developers to easily integrate email marketing services and Klaviyo’s documentation was all that we needed to get started. The solution was implemented quickly and there were no missed sales opportunities during the migration. Due to its simplicity, this solution was developed quickly at a very low cost.

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