Why React.js Is Our Choice For Building The Best SaaS Products

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written by Christopher Clemmons

React is a JavaScript library that was created by Facebook in 2013. It’s used for building user interfaces and web applications, and it’s one of the most popular front-end frameworks currently available. React is known for being fast, efficient, and easy to use. Developers love React because it makes code more readable and easier to maintain.

Why should you use React?

One of the great things about React is that it can be used with other frameworks. For example, you can use React with Angular to create powerful and fast single-page applications. You can also use React with Node.js to create server-side rendering applications.


React’s strong points are its flexibility and portability. You can use it to build great user interfaces on many different kinds of platforms. React is a library, NOT a framework. By taking the library approach, React has developed into a fantastic tool.

React was created for a specific purpose: to create components for web applications. A React component can take the form of anything in your web application, like a Map, Media Player, Button, Text, Label, or Grid.

But as React’s popularity increased, so did its number of potential uses. For instance, you can now generate static sites with React using tools like Gatsby. You can use React Native to build mobile apps. And you can even create Desktop applications using Electron (which is compatible with both mac and windows). React also supports server rendering of its components using tools like Next.js.

You can use React in your existing apps too. React was designed keeping this in mind. You can change a small part of your existing application by using React, and if that change works, then you can start converting your whole application into React.js. Facebook used the same approach when developing Instagram and the Facebook App.

Rapid Development

React has great documentation and an extensive community who can help with their many years of experience with some of the most complex problems face with developing SasS products and software on the web. There are many 3rd party resources and libraries that have enhanced code built with React that will make development even faster. React has a special focus on developer tools and performance which makes debugging easy. The react team is also very proactive in continuously making react performant day by day.

React is great for rapid development because it doesn’t require you to learn new things, you can just use the skills that you already have.

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